King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule – Let them follow The competition pushes us to make the Maverick X3 better. Our competition last year discovered that it was a rock-crawling beast. Congratulations to Kyle Chaney, Hunter Miller and Paul Wolff for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd again this year. It was one of the toughest King of the Hammers courses ever and only 33 riders out of 123 entries completed the race.

It will shred any off-road vehicle in minutes. Our team set up overtime to repeat our victory in Hammertown this year and they did it. The entire fleet is identified by the BRP’s yellow icon honoring its heritage.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

The front differential can actually be locked into an electronically controlled automatic mode, and at the touch of a button it provides intelligent pre-set corrections to the user’s driving style. “Smart Mode” with multiple input sources instantly locks in the right load at the right time.

Utv Desert Racing Schedule

This site uses cookies to ensure you have the best possible experience. By browsing this site you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. Learn more about cookies and how to manage your settings in our Cookie Policy. KOH is the big question everyone is asking. We are actively working with counties and BLM to ensure successful, on-time events. We look forward to and encourage 2021 to be one of the greatest King of the Hammers ever.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

Second, the Ultra4 North event will be the official points race for the 2021 season, ending with Ultra4 North champions in all classes.

As we enter our third year with this northern region series, we continue to see growth, commitment and interest. We are excited about the next phase of development.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

North America Race Schedule

Holly EFi Shootout + Lasernut Rock Coronation (New Event!) by King Shocks & Action Sports Canopies | afternoon event

At the BFE area during Big Saturday on the historic Moab Easter Jeep Safari. Ultra4 Trail Rides and Activation Opportunities are available seven days a week for non-stop celebration, fun and activities. Pro tip: find a place after the party…

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

Pick up where we left off! Great courses, great people, great events! Year 2 promises to be even bigger than the Kickoff Race! Ready!

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King Of The Hammers Is The Toughest One Day Race In The World

We are working with Yellowstone Off Road Racing again! This is the National Points Race for Ultra4 North and you can play it in the National Championship Draw! Well. plot.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

We’ve had a good time in 2020, so it’s time to shake off the hardships of the year and start racing at the BIG Rocks! you got it

Like. First week of the legendary Sturgis Bike Week on the newly redesigned Buffalo Chip Short Course! Think Harley’s and Glen Helen instead of MX and 200,000.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

King Of The Hammers Racing Preview

We partnered with ‘Chip’ and it grew into not only the race, but the off-road jamboree the week before. Drive your Bronco or UTV on trails and roads around the Black Hills, including Mount Rushmore! You don’t want to miss this one.

All classes at Big House are perfect. There’s nothing more exciting than going down Turn 1 in front of 70,000 people… are you ready?

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

The 2021 National Championship race is sure to be bigger and better than ever. With multiple ways to earn points in West, East, and now North, this race is a strategic race for the final championship standings.

Bandit Offroad Racing

The Nationals will return to the epic Wild West Motorsports Park for a dramatic conclusion to the 2021 season. Don’t forget to tune in to the revamped banquet format on Saturday night to pay tribute to drivers and teams for their 2021 achievements. There will be no bonds. I promise you. Note: All spectators will receive a bleacher map at the main entrance of Boone Rd. Spectating is permitted only in designated spectating areas during the active race time of any race using the spectating area.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

Johnson Valley is a diverse landscape for off-roaders. Steep red rock mountains, rolling hills, open valleys, dry lake beds and sand washes are interspersed. Elevation ranges from 4,600 feet at Hartwell Hills to 2,300 feet at Melville Dry Lake. Vegetation consists of creosote scrub, perennial grasses, wildflowers and Joshua trees. The 188,000-acre OHV area is open to visitors from around the world during the week of the King of the Hammers event. Please consider the viewing rules to ensure that your trip is a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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Access: The riding area is accessible from Highway 247 on Old Woman Springs Road or Camp Rock Road, 55 miles southeast of Barstow. Most visitors drive north on Highway 247 to visit the area near Camp Rock Road. The staging ground for many competitive events is Anderson Dry Lake, 10 miles north of Highway 247 and 10 miles east of Camp Rock Road. This is a graded dirt road. The King of the Hammers main camp is off Boone Road and is the southernmost entrance to the JVOHV area. Turn off Highway 247 at the town of Johnson Valley. The base camp or “Hammertown” is at the bottom of a dry lake. There are many routes to the park, so always check your surroundings.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

Three Ford Bronco Bodied Suvs Finish King Of The Hammers

Activities: Most visitors travel around the area in 4×4 vehicles. The Anderson and Soggy, Means Dry Lakes neighborhoods are used extensively for competitive racing events and freewheeling OHVs. There are many opportunities for hiking, rock hunting and wildlife viewing. The eastern boundary is shared with the Twenty-nine Palms Marine Air-Ground Combat Center. Do not enter this area. Always have an adequate supply of drinking water, even in winter. The terrain is very difficult to navigate.

Off-road: Johnson Valley offers riding opportunities for all skill levels. The southeast portion of the riding area provides a large amount of sand known as “Hammers” to rock crawlers around the world. This area is for experts only. Much of this area will be included in the King of the Hammers (KOH) horse racing course. Check the course markers and direction of travel. Do not run against the course during KOH week. North Hammers offers quality riding experiences for beginners and intermediate riders, as well as some smaller dune rides. There are two car/truck race courses on the north and west sides of the valley, offering four events each year. The area can also be used for KOH racing. On the western border of the region, Anderson Dry Lake is used for casual riding for intermediate and beginner riders. It is also used extensively as a staging area for competitive motorcycle events. Cougar Buttes have a variety of uses and are very popular with off-roaders. Butte is a popular venue for motorcycle test events, boasting areas with small rolling hills for beginners, rocky ridges for experienced riders and large rock structures for rock crawlers. The 188,000-acre off-road vehicle riding area has something for every rider of every skill level. During the King of the Hammers event, we share the park with many types of off-road recreation, so please be mindful of your surroundings.

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King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

In addition, the following rules apply during King of the Hammers race week:

Ford Introduces Production Based Bronco Race Truck

Hammerking Productions recommends equipping each spectator vehicle with the following items, including but not limited to: Drinking water, GPS, radio band race, compass, flashlight, course map, etc. must be in good working condition. King of the Hammers Rookie I Noun I (rook) is a competitor who has never driven a vehicle during King of the Hammers. hammer event. KOH driver. Newbie, newbie, novice, novice, freshman, apprentice. Ultra4 regional series record driver accepted as KOH newcomer.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

This started when Hammerking Productions accepted video submissions to select and promote newcomers leading up to King of the Hammers 2023, creating an unexpected opportunity to build relationships and give more individuals a chance to succeed. We help educate sports rookies on how to be competitive on and off the racetrack in this highly competitive industry.

KOH Rookies (as defined above) competing during KOH 2023. All Ultra4 classes are eligible: 4900, EMC and 4400. Ultra4 regional drivers are eligible record competitors.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

King Of Hammers: Dates, New Classes & Spectating Info

1. Join the KOH Rookie Facebook Group. This is your information hub. Click here to open our Facebook group and register newcomers for 2023. All questions must be answered when applying to the group.

2. Create a racer profile in and click Register. Start posting content that tells the world who you are. Visit the Rookie Facebook group for instructions on how to include personal hashtags in your content for maximum reach.

King Of The Hammers 2023 Schedule

3. Join King of the Hammers experts at Johnson Valley at KOH Ranch for pre-rides and workshops on racing, technology, social media, marketing and more.

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