Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule

Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule – Here’s a look at ‘Opponents in 2022 We don’t know the schedule yet, but this is another season player.

The NFL’s latest campaign is officially in the books, and with the offseason now underway, there’s no better time to start looking ahead to next year. The discussion begins with who will play in 2022, and while the schedule itself will not be announced until later this spring, we already know the list of opponents Kansas City will play.

Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule

Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule

Here’s a look at postseason opponents and each team’s record in 2021. Teams that qualify for the postseason are marked by points. You will also notice that they have nine road games and eight home games in the regular season. The 17-game schedule that began last year meant an unprecedented number of home matches, prompting the decision to change the extra home games between clubs from time to time. The AFC had a Game 9 home advantage last season, meaning each NFC member will get an extra home game this season.

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To start things off, next year’s six games will be against AFC West opponents (Broncos, Raiders and Chargers). That’s part of the planning process that stays the same from time to time. Kansas City went 5-1 against division opponents last season, winning each of their last five AFC West meetings.

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Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule

Besides that, they (and the rest of the AFC West) will face the entire AFC South (Titans, Colts, Texans, and Jaguars) and NFC West (Rams, Cardinals, 49ers, and Seahawks) in 2022. All divisions . The NFL plays the AFC Division and the NFC Division in a rotating format. For example, they played in the AFC North and NFC East last year.

That represents 14 of the next season’s contests, leaving three opponents remaining. Two of them (Bengals and Bills) are determined by where each team finished in their respective divisions last year. Kansas City won the AFC West, locking them in a playoff against the winners of the AFC North (Cincinnati) and AFC East (Buffalo). The team in second place in the AFC West (The Raiders) will play the team in second place from both divisions (The Steelers and Patriots) and others.

Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule

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The playoffs are calculated the same way, because each member of the AFC West will play the same team that finished in the same position in the NFC South. That puts the winner of the NFC South (the Buccaneers) while the Raiders, for example, will play the New Orleans Saints (who finished second). The stadium is a mid-conference one, which is why Kansas City will travel to Tampa Bay next year. The conference conference happens on a four-year rotation, meaning that the AFC West will fall to the NFC East in 2023 and the NFC West in 2024.

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Also, the schedule will be announced later this spring. The timing of the announcement will be determined, but regardless, everything ends with another interesting list of opponents in 2022 as the distance to return to the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule

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Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule

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Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Schedule

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