2023 Baseball Schedule

2023 Baseball Schedule – The 2023 schedule released by Major League Baseball on Wednesday could look similar in some ways. There are still 162 games per team, spanning from spring to fall with a brief pause for the All-Star break, and October, as always, is the target.

But make no mistake: The new, more balanced 2023 schedule, which begins on Opening Day on March 30, marks a big change for the game.

2023 Baseball Schedule

2023 Baseball Schedule

Each team’s slate is no longer heavily skewed toward division opponents. Instead, there will be more variety in the schedule. For the first time in modern history, every team will play every other team at some point.

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The changed schedule structure will have a significant impact on the post season and product. So let’s take a look at the details of this schedule change, answering your questions.

2023 Baseball Schedule

Since the postseason format was expanded in 2022 to include three wild card spots in each league, it will be more important for teams in each league to play more similar schedules. All wins and losses count equally, so a more balanced schedule will limit the advantage a team from a weaker division has over a team from a deeper division in the wild card race.

But there’s also entertainment value in having all the teams face each other at least once, unlike loading up a schedule with division matchups. That means 29 fans watching their clubs take on Shohei Ohtani, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, Mookie Betts and other great stars of the game.

2023 Baseball Schedule

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“This new format creates more consistent rival matchups as clubs compete for postseason berths,” chief operations and strategy officer Chris Marinak said in a release, “especially in the recently expanded Wild Card Round, this fan- Friendly format lets fans see more competitive matchups, with a specific focus on dramatically expanding our most exciting interleague matchups, and providing more national exposure for star players across our sport.”

Not in the strict sense, no. Teams will still play more series against individual division opponents than against any individual opponent in any other division. But the schedule is nowhere near as weighted toward division play as it once was.

2023 Baseball Schedule

It consists of 13 games (over four series total), down from 19 (over six series) against each division opponent. Seven home games and six away games (or vice versa) against each opponent, for a total of 26 home games and 26 away games.

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Baseball Schedule 2023

Teams will play six games against six league opponents and seven games against four other league opponents. This is in contrast to the previous format, where teams played six matches against four league opponents and seven matches against six league opponents.

2023 Baseball Schedule

This is the biggest change, with a total of 46 interleague games for each team (AL vs. NL and vice versa), an increase from 20.

Teams would play a home-and-home series (four games total) against their natural interleague rivals (Yankees vs. Mets, Dodgers vs. Angels, Cubs vs. White Sox, etc.) and another 42 games against other interleague opponents. consists of seven series at home (21 games) and seven series on the road (21 games).

2023 Baseball Schedule

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The unbalanced schedule we are familiar with today was first introduced in 2001. That year, teams began playing anywhere from 16 to 20 games against each division rival. Prior to this, the AL had played under a more balanced schedule since its 1977 expansion from 12 to 14 teams, while the NL had played under a more balanced schedule since its 1993 expansion from 12 to 14 teams.

While travel would be somewhat different under a more balanced schedule and rescheduling postponements against non-division opponents may be more difficult, the arrangement should be fair in terms of fixing both the division and wild card races. As a result of the adjusted schedule, teams within the same division and same league would have more common opponents.

2023 Baseball Schedule

The new schedule may also affect how front offices approach roster construction. With fewer division games, there may be less emphasis on acquisitions that are specifically targeted because of how they match up with specific division rivals or how they play in specific ballparks within the division. The Vancouver Canadiens are hoping that next season will be a treat for fans as the club released its 2023 schedule on Halloween.

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The first game of the season is scheduled for Friday, April 7, with the Spokane Indians taking on the opposition at Nat Bailey Stadium for the start of a three-game series. That’s in sharp contrast to the 2022 schedule when the Seas are in Spokane for their opening three-game set. After Spokane left town, the Seas continued their homestand against the Tri-City Dust Devils for a six-game set beginning on April 11. The only road trip in April is a six-game series against the AquaSox on April 18–24 in Everett. The Eugene Emeralds will be in Van City to round out the month from April 26-30.

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2023 Baseball Schedule

The C’s would spend most of May with just eight home games and 18 on the road with trips to Hillsboro, Tri-Cities and Spokane. Things balance out with 13 home games in June, with the first half of the 132-game schedule ending in Eugene on June 22. In the second half of the year, P.K. continues in Parked for the last three matches of the six-match series.

Spokane returns to the city for a series starting June 27 and running through July 2 at the Canada Day Homestand.

2023 Baseball Schedule

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The Mounties will have a 15-game home schedule in August, including back-to-back six-game showdowns against Spokane and Hillsboro, beginning August 22 and running through the first three days of September. After Labor Day Monday, September 4, the Seas ended their regular season schedule with six games in the Tri-Cities on September 5–10.

Game times have not yet been announced. The club may choose to go with the schedule format of the previous season where games start Tuesday to Thursday at 7:05 p.m. and Friday through Sunday games begin at 1:05 p.m. ET. for April and May. From June to September the Saturday game has been moved to 7:05 p.m. For firework nights.

2023 Baseball Schedule

Things turned dark after a disappointing finish to a successful 2022 season that saw the Canadiens reach the Northwest League finals.

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During my break, I had the opportunity to watch some Toronto Blue Jays games and some great wins during the team’s final homestand in 2022. MLB hit, a single against teammate Josh Winkowski from 2018 C.

2023 Baseball Schedule

There was some more C chat on deck, talking with a few more players from the 2022 Canadiens during the final homestand of the season. They would come in the weeks following the conclusion of the World Series.

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2023 Baseball Schedule

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma City Dodgers have released their 2023 schedule, complete with dates, times and opponents for all 75 home games, as the team celebrates its 25th season at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

For the second straight season, all Triple-A teams would play a total of 150 games, including 75 home games. The Dodgers will begin the 2023 season on Friday, March 31, at home against the Tacoma Rainiers.

2023 Baseball Schedule

Opening Night is the first of 14 Fireworks during the 2023 season, which includes home games every Friday. The Dodgers will host their Independence Day celebration on Tuesday, July 4 against the Albuquerque Isotopes.

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The Dodgers’ field trip days revert to April 12, April 26, and June 14. Games on April 12 and April 26 start at 11:05 am. And the June 14 game begins at 12:05 p.m. ET. All three dates are on Wednesday.

2023 Baseball Schedule

The full schedule will feature eight Brooms® Friends & Family Dates and eight All-You-Can-Eat Dates, with all games taking place on Friday or Saturday. Group tickets start at $13 plus group tickets for Friends & Family Dates

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